Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group

Italian style, excellence and quality

Since 1961, the Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group has been developing its own concept of living, a winning choice that has made the company a byword for Italian style, excellence and quality in the 100 countries where it operates.

A leading company, a leading producer

Every year, on average, Gardenia manufactures a total of 4 million meters of ceramics, of which 1.5 million in bi-tech and 2.5 million in fine porcelain stonewarems. It also produces all the special pieces and decors.

The 280 employees who work every day at the company’s facilities, on a total 130,000 m² area, can enjoy a stimulating workplace that is built around a goal of constant improvement and is designed for their safety and comfort.

The Group handles the entire manufacturing cycle, directly managing every stage of creating its ceramics, from glazes to special trims, including craftsmanship and hand decoration techniques, which are typical of the finest traditions of the sector.

An unique style

Expertise and traditions in ceramics

In addition to the Gardenia Orchidea trademark whose ceramic collections explore different styles of home design, the group has had an exclusive worldwide sales agreement with Versace Ceramics since 1997 so is able to produce unique ceramic lines and bathroom furnishings; this project, based on a perfect affinity with the famous fashion house, has allowed the company to capitalize on all the expertise and traditions it has in the world of ceramics and interior design details thus consolidating its presence in the high end market.

Gardenia Orchidea  has also successfully experimented with PVD applications (Physical Vapor Deposition, from aerospace technology) which is based on the physical principal of the vacuum evaporation of metals (titanium, gold, platinum as well as other metals) which are allowed to condensate when they reach an ionic state forming a film which is deposited on the object being treated giving it a new highly resistant finish.

A flexible, modern, well-organized service

Expertise and traditions in ceramics

An integrated, flexible organizational structure like the one of the Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea group makes it possible to rely on an extremely vast, impressive sales network, which can handle the flow of information between the company and the market to constantly monitor trends and quickly respond to the needs of the POS and the end user.

The Group’s sales division allows Gardenia and its brands to operate in a rapid, structured manner throughout Italy and the world-wide. Now more than ever, the company can guarantee excellent standards of efficiency in the management of its automated warehouse, which allows the material delivery in just 48 hours.

A leading company that expresses the spirit of today and hints at the style of tomorrow

Gardenia ceramics are the result of in-depth research into materials, finishes, and decorations; the company’s technical staff and product managers work side-by-side with architects and designers. The home is the true focus of Gardenia’s R&D work, creating products that are always designed for a very specific kind of living space. These ceramics embody new tastes and new concepts of space, following the path of architecture. The use of highly textured natural materials like wood and marble, and the redefinition of space through the uniformity and continuity of glass and metal surfaces are trends that Gardenia has captured and translated into new ceramics.

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