Gardenia Made in Italy

The Gardenia Group designs and creates all its products in Italy.

The focal point of Gardenia’s vision has always been the home, a living space yet also an environment, a territory. This is why the Gardenia group’s production, from design to all phases of the production process, is concentrated in Italy.

The company’s history is the history of a country, a language. This is where the innovation and exclusivity of its products come from.
And it is here that Gardenia has its home, it is here that in 1997 it began an important partnership with Versace, a brand that Gardenia shares many values with: the importance of design, the unique sensitivity in interior design, the design for change, always at the highest quality levels.

The achievements of the past are our foundation for the future

The company has brought with great autonomy Italian style in the world

The home has always been the source of inspiration and focus of research in developping Gardenia products. The home is seen above all as the domestic environment, the central core of harmony and intimacy one perceives in moving from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom, which then achieves its greatest, most focused expression in the bathroom, experienced as an intimate place for pampering the body and soul.

That’s where Gardenia has made history. Since 1961, bathroom decor has been the sector in which the company’s wholly original design language has brought the Italian style all over the world. In the bathroom, ceramic products lend themselves to decorative patterns and classic ambiences that reach the highest expression in wall coverings. This explorative process has also left its mark on flooring products, giving them a distinctive identity and fresh, original style.

Now more than ever, Gardenia plans to move forward with its interior design philosophy, adapting it to new styles of living. The technology and style of its ceramic products respond to the contemporary demands of today’s architecture and lifestyle.

Gardenia identity

Gardenia is able in expressing a distinctive style and presence

The strength of the Gardenia image on the market is the result of targeted marketing strategies over the years that have successfully created effective tools for POS displays and product promotion.

For years now, the company has been highly aware of the importance of brand image. Gardenia far outdoes its competitors in expressing a distinctive style and presence in the showroom and in the POS. From advertising to showroom design and from corner displays to stands, Gardenia relies on expert professionals who combine advertising experience with specific expertise related to home decor and ceramics.