Gardenia Orchidea was founded in 1961 in the heart of the Italian ceramic district and is a historic company in the sector. It has always been a byword quality elegance and decoration.

From the outset, the company has stood out among the leading tile manufacturers, with products, lines and projects characterised by a refined style and extreme attention to detail, aimed mainly at those who see domestic spaces as a reality to be enhanced, with comfortable, innovative and styled finishes and furnishing solutions. Gardenia Orchidea is a true ambassador of Made in Italy, a role also underlined by its association with the luxury brand Versace, for which it has been the exclusive producer of ceramic surfaces since 1997.


Gardenia Orchidea's new identity projects the brands's historic values towards the world of architecture and interior design

The search for beauty that has always distinguished the brand, renews its momentum thanks to a perfect combination of style research and technical innovation. Gardenia Orchidea products, that increasingly focus on different spheres of design, have once again become a byword for exclusive elegance, but with a more contemporary touch that transmits a new idea of luxury to both residential and communal contexts.


Building on its long history as one of the top players in the Italian ceramic tile industry, Gardenia recently became a multinational with the acquisition of a historic French brand. Alongside the existing facilities located in the Modena area.

Today ABK GROUP reaches a production capacity of 15 million square meters serving six different brands. Gardenia offers a wide range of high-quality products suitable for all floor and wall applications, including outdoor products and large slabs.




The new 3D Tech technology allows thick layers of various ceramic materials to be applied in perfect alignment with the underlying graphic designs, which are created digitally with extremely high definition. This revolutionary production process combines material and aesthetic effects to create surfaces with extraordinary sensorial appeal.


The SOFT3D technology allows to create slabs with an extra smooth finish, enriched with bas-relief effects that enhance the naturalness of the surface. The different density of the raw materials applied in the selected areas, chemically recreates the depths that exactly match the high-resolution digital graphic.


The unique P.TECH technology improves slip resistance while maintaining a pleasant tactile sensation. P.TECH is the result of an innovative production process that combines a meticulous selection of raw materials with the pressing, firing and end-of-line processing stages. Despite their high coefficient of friction, R10 and R11 P.TECH products are easy to clean, making them ideal not only for use on indoor floors but also in wellness and outdoor spaces in public or commercial areas.


Gardenia Orchidea pursues concrete goals to limit the impact of its industrial processes. In addition to reducing emissions and energy consumption, the company also actively commits to the sustainable use of raw materials.

Eco-Body is the brand that identifies bodies made with a minimum certified 40% of quality raw materials, recovered from in-house and outsourced processing. Eco-Body products contribute to the calculation of credits for the Leed certification of buildings.